Does My Business Need A Website?


Why your business need a website design

81% of consumers research a product online before buying. 87% of smartphones or tablets owners use their mobile devices to shop. The research revealed that online reviews impact 67.7% of respondents’ purchasing decisions. It is essential for every business to establish its online presence. If you have a business and don’t have a website, you are losing out on great opportunities for your business. A website itself can be used to accomplish many different marketing strategies to help your business grow.


Reasons Your Business Need a Website

Increase Your Visibility

responsive-web-designWebsite bring more customers. Potential client may be searching for products and services information online. Website help your business to be found by consumers.

Improve Your Accessibility

Your prospects can access your business information 24/7.  It is convenience for you and your clients. Websites also have the benefit of containing much more information than a typical ad and being easier to find when customers are actually looking for you! Don’t miss out on potential business.

Strengthen Your Creditability

Website improve your overall positive impression and creditability. It develop a greater sense of confidence for your consumers to purchase your products. It create authority in your industry and help you engage successfully with customers. Don’t lost your customers to competitors who have the website.

Successful Leads Capturing

Building an email list may be one of the most valuable things you can do for your business. The lead capture landing page form is significant source to collect prospects lists and follow through. Businesses that mainly rely on Inbound Marketing save more than $14 for every newly acquired customer. Website educates your customer about your product and services and differentiates you from competitors. It informs them why and how to get to your location.

Effective Marketing

Website Design Marketing Tool
It’s the foundation of all your marketing efforts. The majority of customers need several points of influence before purchasing. Integrating across traditional or marketing mix with your website can be far more effective to close sales. Having a website is like hiring full professional sales team working for you.

Inbound marketing provides a much more focused program that matches today’s buyer behavior. It allows to gather feedback and lets you know who your customers are, and what their needs are. These are the important aspects of marketing for a business. Companies that utilize inbound content platforms and offer buyer persona driven content see a 45% increase in the volume of Sales Accepted Leads

How Much Does a Website Cost?

The cost of designing a website varies, once it’s up and running, a website for a small business generally costs under $100 a month and, in some cases, as little as $20. Having a website will definitely pay itself over its time. Please Contact us for details.

Low-Cost Effective Advertising

Website strategies can target at your demographic, geographical location and areas of services.  Website safe time and cut repetition cost by easily saved listing information on your website where potential customers can find it without asking on the phone or in person.

It costs less than traditional advertising (print ad or brochures) or outbound marketing. Website is impression-based advertising that last longer than newspaper, radio or TV Ad.  Inbound leads cost 60% less than outbound leads.

High Return on Investment

Website that built for users, mobile friendly with responsive design can provide high conversion. Build a site that is search engine friendly and consider the cost of marketing that is actually needed will generate the traffic to your business. Using compelling design, frictionless interactions and informative content will turn visitors into customers with high return on investment.

How Website Can Leverage Social Networks?

Leverage Social Networks
Participating in social media is as important for today business as having a website or an email list, but without having your own site to link to it can be very hard to leverage these technologies to maximize your online exposure. You can include direct link from your social media posts to a signup form or a contact page, giving the customers a direct way to take action with your business. Cross linking your website and social media improve business interaction with prospects and make them become customers.

What If I Need To Upkeep My Website?

The fact is unlike print media, a website is easy to change, and can be updated as frequently as needed. In addition, the cost to change content on a website is only measured through time, whereas a piece of printed material includes time and material.

A great site will produce results for five years or more. How much it will cost to maintain a website a year may depend on how much you can realistically afford to invest and how much business you generate. The option is to draw up a realistic budget and hire an expert to help you. It will not cost you much compare to the business you gain or it should not cost at all. 

Do I Need Technical Knowledge To Manage My Website?

Manage My Website Design
Managing a website has become a super easy task now-a-days. There are a lot of fantastic tools designed to make it easier to create and maintain an impressive website. Build a site that will be easy to update, it should never take a designer or programmer to update content.

Understanding how important a website is to your business requires that you first understand how people have used technology day to day basis. Most consumers have a smart phone, a computer or both. To reach them Website is the most effective marketing tool that can help your business to generate more revenue and stand out from you competitor.

If you often wish you could communicate effectively with a broader range of clients or customers, provide your customers the information about your product and services, publicly post answers to frequently asked questions, attract new customers, break in to new markets, take the market share from your competitors, increase sales and revenue — then a website is a MUST!

Website effectiveness can be only as digital brochure that direct consumer to your business or it can be the foundation of your marketing effort, and even entire tasks that drive your business success. Which does your business need?

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